Thursday, April 28, 2011

twinkling retro lights and memories of outdoor festivals

                                                            i'm not sure what year it was or how old i was, but i know that i was a child. we went with my ‘adopted’ italian godparents to  a summer italian outdoor festival. it seemed magical to me and reminded me of some of the scenes from the movie A Walk In the Clouds. i found the hanging string light bulbs fascinating, like little fireflies suspended in animation. when i happened upon these hanging lights from Restoration Hardware, my soul smiled because it brought back this wonderful childhood memory . . . the lights, the smells of festival italian food, the sundresses, white summer cardigans, couples holding hands and children loving summer . . . wouldn't it be wonderful to put one of these sets on my back porch so that everytime i looked through my glass doors at night, that same memory would continue to soothe my soul? some people remember apple pie, some people remember playing kickball in the street with friends . . . but for me, i remember twinkling light bulbs . . . .

You can find these wonderful hanging lights here

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