Saturday, April 23, 2011

a fantasy in cotton

                                                yesterday, i went to IKEA for a light for my son's room and to replenish my napkin supply (if you haven't yet discovered the amazing napkins at IKEA for just $1.99, be sure to look for them next time . . .they come in the most amazing colors and they are large and very strong and you just can't beat that price), and these stunning Annamoa fabrics of Sweden caught my eye . . .
                                                                                i have to think of what I want to do with them . . .  frame the individual squares? make an amazing tablecloth? create a purse? a pillow? this fabric just really made me smile. i wanted to just keep staring at the color play of the illustrations and patterns. 

i'm betting i should decide soon before it is sold out! i wouldn't want to lose the opportunity of bringing these birdies into my home! 

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