Tuesday, April 5, 2011

abcdefg . . . . come on won't you admire these lovely paintings with me?

as a graduate of Illinois Institute of Technology's Institute of Design, i love typography.  i happened upon Susie Harris blog and found this.

the beauty of the typewriter keys captured in a piece for my wall! yes, i'm adding this as soul kandie today.
        it makes me smile and brings back so many memories of cutting and pasting type by hand in order to get the kerning correct. of course, that marks my age because everything is done by computer now. but i truly believe you cannot love letter forms until you have held a single letter in your hand and then placed it next to another letter and stood back to make sure all the peaks and valleys between the two were equal. a tedious process to be sure, but so necessary to truly feel the beauty that each letter beholds.

susie has a truly inspiring and beautiful blog. please visit and see what treasures you might find to feed your soul!

yes, definitely soul kandie!

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