Thursday, April 14, 2011

a cottage by the sea

                                                                the ocean. 
                                     it is the reason we worked so hard to move to florida. a job came through in orlando and we made the move. orlando isn't the ocean. in fact, i don't get to the ocean now that i live here as much as i did when i lived in chicago. how can that possibly be?
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the atlantic is 40 minutes from my house. yet, i find it isn't any ocean or body of water that soothes my soul. my spirit needs the gulf. there is just something magical about the gulf.                         it is the color of the water, the wildlife that can be found in the shallowest of waters, the clarity and warmth of the water and the beauty of the sunsets.
                                                                         someday, i hope to find a beach cottage that is located near the gulf, decorated in coastal hues. can you imagine starting every morning looking at the gulf? hearing the waves, seeing the pelicans fly by, watching the sunrise and sunset? how wonderful that must be! until that time comes, i can continue to find great inspiration from dreamy whitescoastal living magazine, beach cottage love, and a beach cottage.
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this amazing blue cubboard that she refinished.

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