Thursday, April 28, 2011

twinkling retro lights and memories of outdoor festivals

                                                            i'm not sure what year it was or how old i was, but i know that i was a child. we went with my ‘adopted’ italian godparents to  a summer italian outdoor festival. it seemed magical to me and reminded me of some of the scenes from the movie A Walk In the Clouds. i found the hanging string light bulbs fascinating, like little fireflies suspended in animation. when i happened upon these hanging lights from Restoration Hardware, my soul smiled because it brought back this wonderful childhood memory . . . the lights, the smells of festival italian food, the sundresses, white summer cardigans, couples holding hands and children loving summer . . . wouldn't it be wonderful to put one of these sets on my back porch so that everytime i looked through my glass doors at night, that same memory would continue to soothe my soul? some people remember apple pie, some people remember playing kickball in the street with friends . . . but for me, i remember twinkling light bulbs . . . .

You can find these wonderful hanging lights here

Saturday, April 23, 2011

a fantasy in cotton

                                                yesterday, i went to IKEA for a light for my son's room and to replenish my napkin supply (if you haven't yet discovered the amazing napkins at IKEA for just $1.99, be sure to look for them next time . . .they come in the most amazing colors and they are large and very strong and you just can't beat that price), and these stunning Annamoa fabrics of Sweden caught my eye . . .
                                                                                i have to think of what I want to do with them . . .  frame the individual squares? make an amazing tablecloth? create a purse? a pillow? this fabric just really made me smile. i wanted to just keep staring at the color play of the illustrations and patterns. 

i'm betting i should decide soon before it is sold out! i wouldn't want to lose the opportunity of bringing these birdies into my home! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

soul hue

                                                            robin's egg blue 
                          that is the color that makes me smile. i think i may have to purchase these amazing blue ball jars so i can see the light shine through this lovely hue.
You can purchase these beautiful jars through mattlaurajones on etsy
perhaps I find such peace and tranquility when i visit the martha stewart website because of the infusion of this perfect blue . . .  I have also found a kindred spirit who happens to dedicate her blog to the infusion of shades of robins egg blue—everything turquoise
Martha Stewart Kitchen Aid Mixer, available here 
 i am thinking that these fanciful Born shoes would make my toes smile . . .

                    what color makes your soul smile?next stop for me . . . tiffany's?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

a cottage by the sea

                                                                the ocean. 
                                     it is the reason we worked so hard to move to florida. a job came through in orlando and we made the move. orlando isn't the ocean. in fact, i don't get to the ocean now that i live here as much as i did when i lived in chicago. how can that possibly be?
Visit the Hooked on Houses blog to learn more about this house

the atlantic is 40 minutes from my house. yet, i find it isn't any ocean or body of water that soothes my soul. my spirit needs the gulf. there is just something magical about the gulf.                         it is the color of the water, the wildlife that can be found in the shallowest of waters, the clarity and warmth of the water and the beauty of the sunsets.
                                                                         someday, i hope to find a beach cottage that is located near the gulf, decorated in coastal hues. can you imagine starting every morning looking at the gulf? hearing the waves, seeing the pelicans fly by, watching the sunrise and sunset? how wonderful that must be! until that time comes, i can continue to find great inspiration from dreamy whitescoastal living magazine, beach cottage love, and a beach cottage.
Be sure to visit Dreamy Whites to see additional photos of 
this amazing blue cubboard that she refinished.

Monday, April 11, 2011

the sweetest florida soul kandie

                            sanibel and captiva.

                                                                                       there is a balcony on the bay  at sanibel harbour resort and spa where I can always find total peace for my soul. i have yet to find another place where all my stress is banished, like it is when i sit on that condo balcony.
                                                mornings bring coffee on the patio with the sounds of birds, boats on the water and the lapping waves of the bay onto the shore below.
                          days are filled with kayak trips through j. ding darling nature preserve, renting bikes from billy's bike rentals on sanibel, searching for the perfect shell at captiva beach, grabbing lunch or an early dinner at the mucky duck, island cow, or schnappers hot dogs, or grabbing a pole and fishing at blind pass with shrimp from the bait box.
                                                             nights bring the sounds of dolphins playing in the bay while you enjoy an elephant ear that you grabbed from jerry's bakery on the island, earlier in the day. if you are looking for gilligan's island, search no further than sanibel or captiva island. the sweetest florida soul kandie.

                                                    great accomodations on sanibel and captiva . . .
sanibel harbour resort & spa—condo units can be reserved through the resort, resort quest, or resort harbour properties
captivatween waters inn or south seas island resort

Saturday, April 9, 2011

starry designs bird's nest rings

 if you love spring. . .
if you love nature, if you love birds, if you are a mom or if you just fancy lovely, unique works of art, you will find kandie for your soul in                                   starry designs
bird's nest rings and pendants.

                                etsy is really a wonderful place to shop for original artisan inspired pieces. in the past, i have always struggled to find unique gifts for my children's teachers. last year, i found really meaningful gifts for each of them on etsy. the next time you need to find that special something, you might want to look at this eclectic resource first before heading to the mall. you just might stumble upon  a treat for your gift recipient and a sweet for your soul . . . . 


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

art, clothing, decor or pure inspiration?


                                                            jewelry, clothing, shoes are usually not big motivators for me, unless they are unique and evoke special feelings or meaning. anthropologie is so

artfully inspiring and illuminating in their selections, that it takes me back in time to a boutique in paris. Receiving an anthropologie catalog in the mail is a special delivery if you savor unique pieces.

for now, i will consider the catalog an appetizer for my soul, and save to purchase a piece of soul kandie . . .

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

abcdefg . . . . come on won't you admire these lovely paintings with me?

as a graduate of Illinois Institute of Technology's Institute of Design, i love typography.  i happened upon Susie Harris blog and found this.

the beauty of the typewriter keys captured in a piece for my wall! yes, i'm adding this as soul kandie today.
        it makes me smile and brings back so many memories of cutting and pasting type by hand in order to get the kerning correct. of course, that marks my age because everything is done by computer now. but i truly believe you cannot love letter forms until you have held a single letter in your hand and then placed it next to another letter and stood back to make sure all the peaks and valleys between the two were equal. a tedious process to be sure, but so necessary to truly feel the beauty that each letter beholds.

susie has a truly inspiring and beautiful blog. please visit and see what treasures you might find to feed your soul!

yes, definitely soul kandie!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Captivated by a guy named Tom . . . or is it Blake Mycoskie?

                  Can you imagine seeing the smile on 10,000 shoeless children's faces when you bring them shoes? I'm guessing that would be pretty energizing food for your soul, don't you? When I was trying to find ways to help our rainforests, I stumbled upon the story of  Blake Mycoskie  of TOMS Shoes.

                             In 2006, he befriended children in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he created TOMS Shoes, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. What is really even more inspiring is that all employees are required to participate in a shoe drop. They get to see the amazing looks on childrens faces when they give them a pair of shoes! Wow, that must really make your liver smile! And, on April 5,  you can join their day without shoes  event!

                                                            Can you imagine how we could help those that are suffering from diseases, hunger and homelessness if every business adopted the one for one philosophy that founded TOMS Shoes? I have started to entertain the thought of doing this with my JILLY jellybug business. I partner with African Rainforest Conservancy (ARC) and through ARC's parnerhsip with TFCG, over 200 primary and secondary schools now have environmental education as part of their core. I have asked ARC if a one to one for the JILLY jellybug shirts would help to provide clothing to Eastern Arc children. Buy a shirt, give a shirt to a child in need.

                              That would definitely be soul kandie!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Join the Ultimate Blog Party 2011!

Ultimate Blog Party 2011
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This is a blog dedicated to the people, places, creatures, food and anything else that provides food for your soul. I'm partying today at the 2011 Ultimate Blog Party! Come and join the celebration!