Thursday, March 31, 2011

hello? anyone there?

                          Hello? Have every thought about  what nourishes your soul?
                                               What makes your insides smile?
                           I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in the "want of things" that we mistake them for soul food. It's our human nature. Last night, I watched   e a t   p r a y   l o v e ,  the movie version of Elizabeth Gilbert's bestselling book. I didn't want to watch this movie. I was worried it would make me question some things within myself. I was right. Simply said, it was a magical film. Julia Roberts character, Liz, was indeed searching for  soul kandie
                          She found it by the simple act of letting herself enjoy  a plate of pasta in Italy.  She gave in to the enjoyment of doing nothing and not worrying that she wasn't perpetually in motion. She took the time to let herself grow in the new friendships she formed in Italy. 

In India, She found it in  the power of prayer  in solitude and let God enter her mind, body and soul. 

In Bali, she found it by  learning to love again  with the help of a very spiritual and wise man that taught her how to have a smiling liver. 

She found the kandie she needed for her soul. 

Maybe we just need to find out who we truly are in order to find the food that nourishes our soul? What we do is not who we are. I started this blog in order to start my own journey for soul food.  Wanna join me?