Wednesday, December 28, 2011

move your world for water

          leave your best friend ... leave all your friends every place you have always 
         known, all your security ... give up your 
      pension early, buy a home that will depreciate by half in two years, lose your financial security
           for the ability to drive less than an hour and see this water ... 
                     it has now been six years and there are days that i really miss Chicago, but i don't know that any sight in Chicago, familiar or not has fed my soul the way 10 minutes can at the ocean.

we all have to weigh what it is that makes our soul smile and for each it is different. to reach that place, sometimes it often means giving up a lot of other people, places and things that make you HAPPY, but don't FEED THE INNER SOUL. perhaps it is the time of the moon and tide when i was born? perhaps i just feel God's smile in water.

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